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Vulnerability & Adaptation

Vulnerability & Adaptation (V & A)  According to Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Climate Change 2014; Vulnerability: Is the propensity or predisposition to be adversely affected. Vulnerability encompasses a variety of concepts and elements including sensitivity or susceptibility to harm and lack of capacity to cope and adapt. Adaptation: Is the process of adjustment to actual or expected climate and its effects. In human systems, adaptation seeks to moderate or avoid harm or exploit beneficial opportunities. In some natural systems, human intervention may facilitate adjustment to expected climate and its effects. Nigeria is particularly vulnerable to the impact of climate change in many fronts considering its geography, climate, vegetation, soils, economic structure, population and settlement, energy demands and agricultural activities. As a developing country also, Nigeria is a particularly vulnerable because a large share of its economy is dependent on climate-sensitive natural resources. The V & A division have the responsibility of:
  • Management of database for inventory, vulnerability and adaptation assessment
  • Assessment of vulnerability and adaptation to the impacts of climate change
This is due to the fact that Nigeria is one of the most vulnerable to the impact of climate change as stated earlier: Reasons:
  • The country has a large rural population that depends on climate-sensitive economic and development sectors (agriculture and fisheries) and natural resources (such as water, biodiversity, grassland);
  • The adaptive capacity of the rural majority to climate change impacts is very low;
  • Operation of the nation’s oil and gas sector makes Nigeria a major emitter of GHG in Africa;
  • Unfortunately, most current development strategies in the country tend to overlook climate change risks. The costs of not addressing climate change or not adapting to it are very uncertain, but their welfare consequences are expected to be enormous.

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