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The United Kingdom (UK) Government, through the NAP Global Network, provided support and technical assistance to countries, including Nigeria, to develop Adaptation Communication (ADCOMS) aimed at shining light on their adaptation priorities, efforts, and needs. ADCOMS are expected to help identify gaps in adaptation action, financing, and support.”

ADCOM provides a mechanism for countries to report “priorities, implementation and support needs, plans and actions, without creating any additional burden for developing country Parties”, particularly in the area of adaptation and is expected to be done periodically, be voluntary, flexible and country-driven.

Purpose of an ADCOM

  • Enhance visibility and profile of adaptation, and balance with mitigation;
  • Provide input to the Global Stock Take (GST);
  • Strengthen adaptation action and support for developing countries;
  • Enhance learning and understanding of adaptation needs and action


Things that can be included in ADCOM

  • National circumstances, institutional arrangements and legal frameworks
  • Impacts, risks and vulnerabilities, as appropriate;
  • National adaptation priorities, strategies, policies, plans, goals and actions
  • Implementation and support needs of, and provision of support to, developing country Parties
  • Adaptation actions and/or economic diversification plans, including those that result in mitigation co-benefits
  • How adaptation actions contribute to other international frameworks and/or conventions;
  • Gender-responsive adaptation action and traditional knowledge, knowledge of indigenous peoples and local knowledge systems related to adaptation, where appropriate
  • Implementation of adaptation actions and plans
  • Any other information related to adaptation.


Nigeria has prepared its ADCOM and this has been submitted to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). You can read the full document here.



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