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Welcome Note By The Director, Department of Climate Change

Dr Yerimah Peter Tarfa
Dr Yerima Peter Tarfa

I am delighted to welcome you to the website of the Department of Climate Change. This is the official gateway of information on Climate Change in Nigeria, serving all levels of government and stakeholders. As you may have noticed, the website is easy  to read and navigate. We will strive to add fresh news and update you with information about what government is doing at all levels on climate change in Nigeria on a regular basis.

Due to the importance attached to the issue of Climate Change and global warming, and in view of the enormity of activities required for the implementation of the Climate Change Convention and the Kyoto Protocol, the Federal Government of Nigeria established the Department of Climate Change in the Federal Ministry of Environment to serve as the vehicle for driving National Climate Change Efforts.

Climate Change has become a critical issue, both for its global importance and threats to Nigeria and her people. For instance, we have the desertification process advancing southward and potential submergence of the 853 kilometers stretch of coastline along the Atlantic Ocean. For these and many other reasons, we can’t but continue to implement both the Climate Change Convention, related Kyoto Protocol and our local efforts and initiatives at combating the threats of Climate Change and warnings of global warming.

There is no gainsaying, there will be some changes in climate that cannot be avoided due to past and inevitable future global emissions, but the detrimental effects can be avoided if we can reduce greenhouse gases emission to an acceptable level. Therefore, we must move beyond thinking about climate change and global warming, to take action as a nation. Since taking actions that will alleviate the effects of Climate Change and a warmer world is everyone’s responsibility, we will be interacting and working with the general public, individuals, communities, businesses & industries, international partners and the global community.

The Department of Climate Change is set to drive the practical fulfilment of the Federal Government's vision for mitigating and adapting to the impacts of Climate Change. We will provide leadership in promoting the culture necessary to establish the right conditions for our people to adapt, supporting quality research, education and awareness efforts, enforcing industry regulations that will guide businesses and communities in adapting and mitigating climate change, while providing national policy direction in combating Climate Change.

Finally, I would like to appreciate the partnership and support of our collaborators; the international organisations, civil society organisations and private sector organisations, who in the course of our activities have contributed their time, knowledge, resources and committed trust to support the achievement of our statutory objectives.

Thanks for taking the time to read about what we do in the Department of Climate Change online, we encourage you to stay in touch; sharing your feedback on DCC efforts and activities. We are aware that some webpages and sections are still not open. Work is in progress, and we welcome your Feedback on the website as we continue to improve it.

We are here in the Department of Climate Change to serve you. Please feel free to contact us for any further information or assistance you may require. Thank you.

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