Federal Ministry of Environment

Education, Awareness and Outreach

The Education Awareness and Outreach Division of the Department of Climate Change is one of the four Divisions within the Department. It was created as part of efforts to create awareness on the issues of Climate Change all across the country.

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change UNFCCC, which is the Global entity set up to regulate the issues of climate change, has within its Protocols a series of obligations for participating Parties amongst which is Article 6 which advocates Education, Training & Public Awareness.

The Division is divided into three (3) Branches namely.

  • Education Branch
  • Awareness Branch
  • Outreach Branch


  • Development of strategies for implementation of Education, Awareness and Outreach Programmes on Climate Change and its effects.
  • Liaison with relevant stakeholders on Media Education, Awareness and Outreach.
  • Organize and attend Meetings, Seminars, Workshops and Conferences as related to Climate Change Education, Awareness Creation and Outreach programs locally and internationally.
  • Collaborate/support projects with NGOs/CSOs in Climate Change Education, Awareness and Outreach Programmes and activities locally and Internationally.
  • Production and distribution of Climate Change Education, Awareness and Outreach materials for public enlightenment.
  • Coordinating Climate Change School’s programmes.
  • Provide stakeholders with relevant Climate Change public access to information, communication and technology, research and developments as regards to Climate Change vulnerability and mitigation/adaptation indices.
  • Facilitate the establishment of small unit library, website and other social media to ease dissemination of information to the general public.


The function of the Education Branch is to:

    • Handle the development and production of education materials within the Ministry.
    • Engage in Education and trainings within and outside the Division.


  • Create Awareness through the use of “conventional” and “new media”. Conventional media such as Print, TV, Radio, while the new media is through the use of Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Awareness can also be created through drama’s, plays etc.

The function of the Awareness Branch is to:


The function of the Outreach Branch is to:

  • Engage in programs and projects where groups of people are reached out to for the purpose of information sharing and dissemination.


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