Iniobong Abiola-Awe Ph.D

Mrs Iniobong Abiola-Awe holds a Ph.D in Environmental Sciences (Climate Change Policy) in addition to her first and second Degrees in Zoology.  With a job history of over 20 years in the field of Environment, her work experience spans through government, private sector, NGO, and International organization. Besides her core academic trainings, she has earned the following attainments among others-

  • Fellow, Global Network of Leaders in Environment and Sustainable Development (LEAD)
  • Alumnus of the prestigious United States International Visitors Leadership (IVLP) Program on Exploring Environmental Issues having been nominated as a result of her excellent career performance in the field of environment,
  • Awardee, Korean International Cooperation Agency (KIOCA) on Waste Management Response to Climate Change,
  • Awardee, Korean Environmental Cooperation (KEco)
  • Awardee, Green Nigeria Project on Climate Change Advocacy supported by the United States Young African Women Leaders Forum.
  • Awardee 2013 KIOCA supported Country Project

Prior to her posting to the Department of Climate Change, HQ, Abuja, She worked in the Lagos Zonal Office from the then FEPA to the present Ministry between 1996 – 2009, as a Compliance Monitoring / Enforcement Officer of National & International Environmental Laws & Standards for different sectors in line with the Ministry’s mandate. She also initiated the Desk Office of the Special Climate Change Unit, FMEnv, Lagos Office coordinating climate change activities at various levels within the South West Zone. She has participated in a number of United Nations Forum on Climate Change Convention (UNFCCC) meetings in past years. With huge exposure through extensive travels, attending several National, Regional & international programs on climate change & environment issues, representing the Ministry at different levels. Presently an Deputy Director, She heads the GHG Division of the Department of Climate Change.