Federal Ministry of Environment

Gender Integration into National Climate Actions

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The objective of the regional virtual workshops is to:

  • Share relevant case studies, examples and lessons learned on the results, impacts and main challenges that Parties face in the integration of gender into national climate policies, plans, strategies and action, as appropriate
  • Provide an opportunity for interaction between Parties with knowledge gaps and challenges, and those Parties and entities that have overcome those challenges

Dates, times and registration for regional workshops:

  • Asia & the Pacific, 22 July at 7 am CEST / 12 pm UTC+7 >> Recording and documentation below
  • Europe & Central Asia, 2 September at 1 pm CEST / 2 pm UTC+3 >> Recording and documentation below
  • Americas and the Caribbean, 16 September at 5 pm CEST / 10 am UTC-5 >> Register here
  • Sub-Saharan Africa, 30 September at 2 pm CEST / 2 pm UTC+2 >> Register here
  • Middle East and North Africa, 14 October at 2 pm CEST / 2 pm UTC +2 >> Register here



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