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Brief On Green House Division (GHG)
  1. The Division has the responsibility of evolving improved understanding of the science of climate change in Nigeria and West African sub region with a view to providing the direction expected for climate indices to follow. The division undertakes the following activities:
  2. Developing a National GHG Inventory System for National Communication in UNFCCC
  3. Updating annual GHG Inventory database
  • Developing scenario for reducing future emissions
  1. Recalculation of existing emissions inventories to bring results to IPCC and UNFCCC Common Reporting Format (CRF) using the CRF tables for all annual inventories in line with guidelines for IPCC national emissions inventories.
  2. Developing programmes through Workshops/Seminars to ensure improved understanding of the national emissions sources and associated technologies with a view to providing guidelines and developing scenarios for emission reduction.
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