Title:National Policy on Climate Change

Given Nigeria’s status as a fossil-fuel dependent economy with a large climate sensitive agricultural sector, the development of a climate change policy and response strategy is critical; as climate change portends a serious threat to poverty eradication and sustainable development in general. One of the key pillars of the Vision 20:2020 is investment in low carbon fuels and renewable energy. Achieving the goal of low carbon, high growth and resilient socio-economic system for equitable and sustainable socio-economic and environmental development faces some challenges which include stability and sustainability of enabling environment, adequate institutional and human resources capacity and availability of adequate resources to address mitigation and adaptation initiatives to address climate change. Thus Government need to ensure that economic growth, resource management and climate change mitigation and adaptation can all happen simultaneously if this will be done effectively.

Title: National Adaptation Strategy and Plan of Action on Climate Change for Nigeria (NASPA-CCN) December 2011

Nigeria’s climate is already changing. To prepare for and respond effectively to the impacts of climate change, adaptation is the key. Adaptation should be comprehensive and articulated in a way that recognizes the varying needs and vulnerabilities of all sections of the society. Accordingly, the Government of Nigeria and a number of civil society organizations embarked upon the development of National Adaptation Strategy and Plan of Action on Climate Change for Nigeria (NASPA-CNN).


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    Please I will like a copy of national policy on climate change

  2. Benjamin Maina

    well articulate Please send me a copy of National Policy on Climate Change

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    Is it possible to get insights on the direction of current activities of the ministry in the area of climate change?

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