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Reduction of Gas-flaring in Nigeria

Reduction of gas-flaring in Nigeria Nigeria is among the top 10 globally in terms of wealth of oil and gas resources, and the products derived from this sector comprise around 90% of exports. However this sector is one of the main sources of greenhouse gas emissions in Nigeria – producing ...

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Low-carbon Electrification in Nigeria

Low-carbon electrification in Nigeria Nigeria has already demonstrated its commitment to improving the power sector through its bold reform programme to enable private sector investment. However there are substantial challenges going forward: electricity access lags far below other countries (Nigeria’s per person consumption is 40% of India’s), and over half ...

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Coordination and Climate Finance in Nigeria

Coordination and climate finance in Nigeria The costs of responding to climate change in Nigeria will be significant. The World Bank estimates that measures to adapt to climate change already built into the climate system could be $0.7bn to $1.2bn per year over the next 40 years (summing to almost ...

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Climate Smart Agriculture

Climate Smart Agriculture Agriculture is one of the sectors most sensitive to climate change in Nigeria, with productivity set to decling by 10-25% by 2080, and yields of rain-fed agriculture in some northern areas predicted vulnerable to declines of up to 50%. This may result in a 4.5% reduction to ...

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Green and Resilient Cities

Over 50% of Nigerian’s already live in cities, 34% below the poverty line and 68% below the empowerment line. By 2050 Nigeria will be home to 295m people, equivalent to half Europe’s urban population, and only just falling short of U.S. figures. This momentous shift which will bring nearly 200m ...

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World wide, Climate change is worse news for women

cc on women

If political leaders around the world are serious about gender equality, they must also get serious about climate change. In the run-up to December’s crucial Paris climate talks, some of the clearest calls for climate action are coming from familiar quarters: public health and environmental groups such as the World Health ...

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The Economic Cost Of Climate Change

econs climate

CREDIT: SHUTTERSTOCK The warmer it gets, the less productive a country’s economy will likely be — those are the results of a new economic and science study published yesterday in Nature. The study, conducted by researchers at Stanford and UC Berkeley, examined fifty years of historical data to see if ...

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